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Victorian england dating etiquette

Cakes can be large or small, plain of fancy, light or rich.

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Cakes can last much longer, some even improving with age (fruit cake).

The size and style of the bouquet or floral arrangement should compliment the type and style of your bridal gown.

Simplistic wedding dresses need an elaborate bouquet to give the overall look some extra pazazz, perhaps some extra colour or a unique exotic bloom, while an elaborate wedding dress is best suited to a classic bouquet.

Before deciding on your bridal floral arrangement, have a glimpse of our bridal bouquet ideas and pictures page to help you make the best choice and remember to ask your florist if your favourite flowers are in season, here's a small guide to help you along, bridal flowers in season.

Bridal bouquets are the ultimate delivery and the perfect opportunity for the bride to express her own unique style.


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