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Updating sony ericsson k800i

After clicking on “Norwegian”, I wait a few seconds before I realise I have to click the low-visibility arrow too. I’ve flashed phone firmware before, so I figured that the SIM-card should be removed and the battery left in, and that’s that.I click it, and for two seconds nothing happens, then the completely useless progress indicator (sorry, I should really stop saying that – it is a glorified hourglass) starts flashing. After removing the SIM, I pressed the C button while inserting the USB cable.To keep things simple and easy to find (thus avoiding the erratic postings as with the W800i and W810i), this thread is to be used to post and answer all questions regarding the software/firmware and updating of software. Like Orange, they've probably removed all the usefull stuff from your phone - I'm kinda surprised they still let you take pictures! Contact King Mobile and get it unlocked and debranded, then the phone will be as it was intended.Oh if it's not too much trouble could you check in the camera app for "Image Stabilization"?

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Sony Ericsson Update Service is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system / platform from mobile phone tools without restrictions.

However, with that said, comments indicate people still have issues with the Update Service similar to those I had back in 2006.

– Are, A few days ago, I decided to go ahead and update the firmware of my Sony Ericsson W800i mobile phone. From past experience, I know that updating firmware – that is, changing the program code running the operating system of the phone – can be risky.

At this stage, I thought “hmm, this could’ve been some crappy shareware program for peer to peer file-sharing, but hey, it’s Sony Ericsson”.

The next screen is the program proper; you’re greeted with a big Sony Ericsson logo and a nice, flashing progress bar of the kind that tells you nothing about how much time has elapsed or how much remains – just that something is happening. It flashes in a nice way, and within seconds you know for certain that the nice flashing isn’t connected to what’s actually going on in any way.


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