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With Liebe Hart, he could have talked for the entire duration of his train ride from Oregon to Los Angeles.But hidden deep within his many complaints and his otherwise sad string of bad luck, there is a guy who just wants to make it — the ultimate Hollywood story.For someone who says he attended the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the University of California, Berkeley, to study music, this doesn't seem wildly off base. I'm a church organist and I write religious music, but unfortunately the Christian Science Church I was raised in told me they didn't want any music from a Negro. I wrote songs about the family members that were good to me.I wrote songs about trains." He also writes about his many brushes with paranormal activity., Hart is more than a household name — he is a cult comedy icon. "I had a fan watch my merch and they ran off with my expensive Apple phone.Engaging in conversation with Hart is a bit like some sort of ADD Olympics. I have a free Obama phone from when I was unemployed.I was unemployed for a while." Posing a follow-up question, however, will likely go unanswered because the guy never stops talking.

But for every glimmer of "maybe he's telling the truth," there are seemingly infinite unfounded claims.He says he was even invited to Starkorendor, a planet 1,100-light years away, and would visit while he would watch Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie on TV."I was abducted, and samples of my skin were taken and I was operated on by aliens and I was gone for two weeks in 1968," he says.David Liebe Hart cares about three things: trains, aliens, and finding love.But mostly, trains — as nearly 30 minutes of our hour-long conversation were spent discussing the Chicago Milwaukee North Shore Railroad which, to his dismay, discontinued rail service in 1962. But for fans of the eccentric puppetry and off-key vocal talents of the 61-year-old musician, puppeteer, and devoted Christian Scientist from his recurring appearances on Adult Swim's surrealist sketch series Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! It hasn't been a good tour," Hart says, while (speaking of trains) boarding a train home.Where Liebe Hart really flourished was as the host of Los Angeles public access show Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Program, of which there is amazing, recorded evidence.For 20 years, Liebe Hart and his puppet friends "Chip the Black Boy" and "Doug the Dog" provided a safe space there, "where all are accepted and none are rejected." Writers and fans alike have speculated that Liebe Hart 's behavior could be part of a longer con, much like the performative comedy of the late Andy Kaufman. I wrote songs about different girls I used to date.Get our top picks for the best events in Detroit every Thursday morning. Yeah yeah I know, not all of Tim and Eric's comedy is made to be understood, but even once you've accepted that and let yourself go along for the ride there are still some parts that stand out in their inexplicability, even as part of the joke.In fact, he's almost excited to be able to tell you about the time he claims he suggested to Pizza Hut that they make a breakfast pizza and when they did, many years later, they failed to give him credit or any money."If you have any ideas, keep them to yourself because there are a lot of thieves," he suggests.


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