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A good rule to have when traveling is, never buy anything the first day.

It is good to see what is out there and what a good price is. Yes people pretend to give a discount but they are really just offering the real price.

While many that live in Playa Del Camren and are have recently been, most will tell you that they felt entirely safe.

Playa Del Carmen is a growing city and there is crime but for the most part this is never targeted at tourist.

Starting around the second half of 2017 we have heard of a few reports of people getting things stolen out of purses at restaurants.

It is easy to sit down and enjoy a meal and forget your open purse on the floor or back of your chair. Update: In 2018 we are glad this new safety issues has not become a bigger problem.

If you are shopping in Playa Del Carmen, bargaining is pretty much not done. Prices are really fixed here, it is just a matter of knowing what the real price is.

Most stores already offer the real price, you get into a little negotiation with smaller street sellers.

Fake news and the sources are also hard to track down sometimes.

Below we mention some safety concerns and general things to look for. While it has been here for a while, most of the crimes took place out of resident’s and tourist’s view.

Unlike some parts of the world where crime is random, here it has not been targeted at residents and tourist.

Actually it is the law in Mexico to have prices on all items. Taxis in all countries get a reputation for their schemes and over charging people.

Profeco, the consumer protection in Mexico does visit stores on 5th Avenue and all of Playa Del Carmen to make sure consumers are getting a fair deal. Here in Playa there are no meters but a chart of rates based on the area you are going to and from.


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