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There is limited support for Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS) in Configuration Manager 2007.Distribution points can be targets of a DFS root, but packages must be deployed to the shared folder on the distribution point, not to the DFS link name. You can create groups of distribution points to facilitate the processes of copying packages to distribution points.This serves to reduce the site server's resource requirements and improve its performance and also assists in load balancing.Bandwidth controls are in place only between sites and from a standard distribution point to a branch distribution point.There is only one site role called distribution point, but you can configure the distribution point to support various functions.The following table describes the configurations which you can apply to distribution points.Applies To: System Center Configuration Manager 2007, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP1, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 uses distribution points to store files needed for packages to run on client computers.These distribution points function as distribution centers for the files that a package uses, allowing users to download and run these files, programs, and scripts when a package is advertised.

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For example, you might create a group of distribution points enabled to support mobile device clients and copy packages for mobile device clients only to that distribution point group.No specific load balancing is performed on the server load.When clients ask for package source files, Configuration Manager 2007 uses an algorithm to attempt to assign the distribution point closest to the client.The following table shows which types of distribution points can be combined and which are mutually exclusive.1 Configuring a server share on a site system already configured to support Internet-based clients will cause content location requests to fail.When Configuration Manager 2007 updates the source files for a package and the source files have already been distributed, it sends only the parts of the package that have changed since the last time the package was sent.For more information, see About Binary Differential Replication.If you add a distribution point to an existing group, the new distribution point does not automatically receive packages previously copied to that group.However, the new distribution point will receive all new packages copied to the group.If you create the distribution point as a server share, the common package share is the shared folder created as the server share.You can verify whether or not a package uses the common package share on distribution points by right-clicking Packages in the Configuration Manager console, clicking Properties, and then selecting the Data Access tab.


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