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Buy It Here Patron Extra Añejo A tequila meant to be sipped like a fine whiskey, this 100-percent blue agave spirit combines the best of both flavors, so really you’re gifting dad two bottles in one.

Besides the typical agave and oak flavors, it also has rich notes of dried fruits, banana, honey, and vanilla.

For starters, it comes from Kentucky, not Scotland, unlike most malt whiskies, and it’s not 100% malt, but rather is crafted from 51% malt and aged in charred oak barrels for a greater nutty taste.

If dad is a bourbon drinker, then he’ll love pouring himself a glass of this.

If he’s a coffee purist, even better, because the richly dark liqueur is made with just four ingredients: coffee, alcohol, cane sugar, and water.

With only 300 bottles made by hand at a time, it’s reflective of the slow process producing cold brew requires.

No lime is necessary when shooting this, since it goes down smoother than other blancos.

It pairs well with other types of liquor, too, although it might be super tempting for dad to pour it over ice and chug it like a regular coffee.

Buy It Here Ben Riach Curiositas 10 Year Heavily peated malt barley gives this single malt a woody flavor that’s unlike other whiskies dad has probably sipped in the past.

Notes of a smoky campfire dominate in this Highland distillation—which is unique for a Speyside—rather than those from the sea, which are more typical in Islay whiskies. Buy It Here Casa Noble Crystal Tequila A work of art in more ways than one, this intricate, hand-blown glass bottle houses an equally distinct-tasting tequila.

Rather just distilling the tequila two times, it goes above and beyond to do it three times which results in a finer spirit.


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