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Government action was the response to a growing public light on sexuality following the publishing of the Kinsey Reports.[10] Far From Heaven, a 2002 film portraying the “perfect” 1950s couple in Connecticut struggling to maintain the ideal image of sexuality and family relationships through the homosexuality of the husband and the wife’s affair with a black man is an example of the difference between image and reality in 1950 America, as Kinsey argued existed.When will leaders, officials and parents wake up to the “deep dark internet” and the realities of an indulgent society?Without Permission (WP) exists to confront these questions and to turn the hearts of the fathers back to their children.

The discourse on sexuality that surfaced during the 1950s, whether in scientific analytical works such as the Kinsey Reports or in social media culture such as Playboy, opened the doors for public discussion of sexuality outside the nuclear family unit. Third Sight provides students engaged in historical inquiry using visual elements an environment to display their endeavors.

How do we address the culture that creates sellers, purchasers and products of flesh?

How does a nation turn back to a time when streets, schools and shopping malls were a safe social destination for its children?

This project bolsters student skill in perception, analysis, and synthesis while linking local subjects to regional, national, and global events.

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