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Liquidating damages clause

The necessary lands were to be acquired on behalf of the Reich and entered in its name in the land register.

[p10] [16] On July 1st, 1922, this Court, which had become Polish, gave a decision to the effect that the registration in question was null and void and was to be cancelled, the pre-existing position being restored, and that the property rights of the lands in question were to be registered in the name of the Polish Treasury.

6 given by the Court on August 25th, 1925: [14] On March 5th, 1915, a contract was concluded between the Chancellor of the German Empire, on behalf of the Reich, and the Bayerische Stickstoffwerke A.-G.

of Trostberg, Upper Bavaria, by which contract this Company undertook "to establish for the Reich and to begin forthwith the construction of", amongst other things, a nitrate factory at Chorzw in Upper Silesia.

[18] On November 10th, 1922, the Oberschlesische Stickstoffwerke Company brought an action before the Germano-Polish Mixed Arbitral Tribunal at Paris.

It called upon that Court "to allow the claim submitted by the Oberschlesische Stickstoffwerke Aktiengesellschaft, and to order the Polish Government, the Respondent in the suit, to restore the factory, to make any other reparation which the Court may see fit to fix and to pay the costs of the action".


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