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We acknowledge him- to be " The blessed and only Potentate, the King oy Kings and Lord of Lords," whose scepter sways "all power in heaven and in earth." At his feet, who is " Prince of the kings of the earth," and " Head over all things to the Church," is laid this humble effort to illustrate his high providence, as one more heartfelt tribute to be added to the many which are already ascribing — " Blessing, arnd honor, and glory, and power unto Him who sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever ! The "Nana Sahib," The Fakirs of India A Self-torturing F; Hosted by Google 6 ILLU8TBATI0N8.

Wajid ALt Shah, the Last King of Oude 209 Joel, Ouk. Preacher ar; Peggy 21S Nykee Tal as you enter it 243 " The House of Massacre " 304 "The Well" — Inside View 311 "The Shrine "—Outside View 311 "The Residency" — Luc KNOW, India 317 Major-General Sir Henry Havelock: (Steel) 334 The Relief op Lucknow by Ge^jeral Havelock 34-S Prepari.\g for the Immolation of a Hindoo Widow (Steel) 375 A Group of Thugs 39fi The First House of Worship of the Methodist Episcopal Church i\ India 435 The Sheep-House Congregation.

Then, be- neath the benign administration of this " Prince of Peace," human- ity at length shall rest, each of them, under his own vine and fig- tree, and none shall make themi afraid. The Taj Mahal — Agra (Steel) Map— Land of the Veda (India)..

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians.Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. The hundreds of millions of their de- scendants now await this redemption, and shal] yet joyously imite to crown him " Lord of all." The writer has not concealed his conviction that human history, Hosted by Google 4 PHKFACE.You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I Hosted by Google Hosted by Google Hosted by Google mmhik Hosted by Google LA:b TD OF THE YEDA: PERSONAL ll EMINISOENOES IKDIA; ITS PEOPLE, CASTES, THUGS, AND FAKIRS ; ITS RELIGIONS, MYTHOLOGY, PRINCIPAL MONUMENTS, PALACES, AND MAUSOLEUMS : AND ITS RESULTS TO CHRISTIANITY AND CIVILIZATION. and the movements and changes of thrones, and powers, and kingdoms, can be fuily understood only in the hght of the doc- trine of the Second Psalm.of Christ and Christians— The Nana Sahib— His Agent Aieemoolah— A Hypocrite who has no Equal — Mohammedan Monopoly of Place and i'ower — Sepoy Army and its Disadvantages— Aiinc Kation of Oude— Dread of Christian Civilization— The Fakirs of India— Humorous Anecdote of Self-toituring Fakir— The Yogees— Hindoo Rules of Moral Perfection— Number and Expense of Saints in India— Militant Faldrs— Liick- now, its Beauty and Vlleuess— Those who Needed us Most— Our Misaon Field— Joel, our First Native Preacher — Peggy's Sacrifice for her Saviour Page 170 CHAPTER T. S IN THE "WILDBRBBSB." Reception at Bareilly— A Man who Never Heard of America— The Greased Car- tridges—Methods and Motives Employed to Foment Rebellion— Wllloughby's Gallant Defense of the Delhi Magazine — Massacre of Meerut and De Uii — Providential Com- pensations—Our Warning to Flee— Declined to Leave^Reconsideration and Flight — Left in the Terai at Midnight— God's Answer- to a Brief Prayer— Our First Sight of Nynee Tal — The Massacre at Bareilly — Joel's Nan-ative of his Escape and Flight- - Death of Maria — Bromfield-street and Bareilly on the Saioe Day — Massacre at Shah- jelianpore— ^The Murdered Missionaries — " Tempering the Wind to the Shorn Lamb " —Our Measures of Defense at Nynee Tal— The Value of Our Heads— "The Mutiny Baby" — How we Lived, and our Commissariat— Mutilation of our Messengers — Hun- gry for News — Mrs. Protestant and Roman Catholic Missions Compared 536 Gi-oss ARY OF Indian Teems used in this Work and in Misaonary Correspondence 541 Hosted by Google Hosted by Vii Jvi Ji WAjyxvr Hosted by Google THE lain TD of the ye da. golden scales, and twelve times his weight of gold and silver,, perfumes and other valuables, were distributed to the populace ; but the statements seemed so distant from probability that they were regarded by many as extravagances which might well rank.Edwards and the Garment of Praise — Lyin^ and Blasphemous Proclamations of the Rebel Authorities— The Spirit of the Moslem Creed— The Delhi Battle of the 23d of June— Scarcity and Dearness of our Provisions— Oiu- Rampore Friend- Le Bas and the Nawab of Kumal— The Faku' and the Baby— Our Sadden Flight from Nynee Tal to Almorah— Again "in Perils in the Wilderness"- Light in the Darkness— Almorah Reached at Last— The Fearful Slate of Things before Dellii —Our Battle at Huldwanee 221 CHAPTPIH VI. with the asserted facts of " Lalla Rookh ; " so that the Embassa- dor, who was three years a resident, and the Poet, who had never been there at all, with their authorities, seemed alike to have drawn upon their imagination for their facts, transcending, as their descriptions did, the ability and the taste of European Courts.Jesus Christ, the divine and eternal Son of God, who created and redeemed this world, is its " Master and Lord." The number, the malignity, the counsel of his foes, are lighter in his estimation than the chaff of the summer threshing- floor, and as easily swept from the path of his almighty move- ments.He has not abandoned this world, with its thousand millions of accountable and dying men, to be the victims of the whims and caprice of selfish potentates, deceiving errorists, or wicked spirits in high places, to be forever crushed down beneath their tyranny and misdirection.Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. In a theme like that of India, and after the reading and note- taking of fifteen years, it is a difficult task for an author to trace every entry to its source, or adequately to discriminate between what is original and what is borrowed.Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Every reasonable effort, however, has been made to give proper acknowledgment wherever it was found desirable to use the ideas or language of others.Siunmariiing the Results, and Showing the Progress, of Christian- ity in British India since 1852.. Foreign Missionary Statistics of the Protestant Church throughout the World 53 ' " V. In reading that stirring account of the great victory won for ^Christianity near Poictiers on the 3d of October, A. 732 — when the brave Charles Martel, at the head of his Christian warriors, had to meet Abder Rahman and his Arabian cavalry, 375,000 strong, and there to decide whether Europe shoiild henceforth be Christian or Moslem — one almost trembles as he thinks what would have been the result had Charles failed that day !The hosts of ihe Arabian Antichrist had already extinguished the seven Churches of Asia, almost swept North Africa of its Christianity, had passed the pillai-s of Hercules and conquered Spain, crossed the Pyrenees, and were now descending into France and Ger- many with the intention of completing the circuit of the Mediter- ranean, and making Europe as Mohammedan as they had made Asia Minor and Palestine.


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