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Japanese dating rituals

You might say "I love you" in English and we might say which is when you're actually feeling love for another person.

That's why when you're confessing your "love" for someone in Japanese, it isn't as big of a deal because you're saying you love them, but in the same way you might say you love a donut.

So, you know, you say "love" and we say so you don't get the wrong impression.

In some weddings, the couple offers bouquets of flowers, a toast, or a personal letter of love and thanks.We asked Shu Shu Costa, author of Wild Geese and Tea : An Asian-American Wedding Planner (Riverhead Books, 1997), to offer some great ideas on how to add Japanese customs to your celebrations.The Japanese betrothal ceremony, called the , a seaweed whose name can be written to mean "child-bearing woman"; a long white piece of hemp, representing a wish that the couple will grow old and gray together; and a folding fan, which spreads to show future wealth and growth.In Japan, brides spend to on "favors" for their guests.In America, favors are more likely to be small tokens -- a few folded origami cranes (the bird that symbolizes a long, contented married life) or a lace bag of sweet almonds.The main gift is money (about ,000), tucked in a special envelope called a The traditional Japanese ceremony is a Shinto ceremony, though many Japanese in America celebrate weddings with a Buddhist ceremony.Regardless of religious rituals, most Japanese also include a cultural sake-sharing tradition at the wedding, popularly called -- san means "three," ku means "nine," and do means "to deliver." This ritual dates back to a time when sharing sake created a formal bond as strongly as a handshake did in Victorian times.At this point, it's the same as any serious boyfriend/girlfriend relationship in Western culture.So, when I started seeing my Canadian husband, I met some other girls who were also dating foreigners.As you might guess, professing your love to someone as a precursor to saying hello for the first time might not be the most logical way of getting hitched, but as you'll see, it often appears to some men as be the best overall option.And after this confession, if you go out with another woman or man, it may be called "cheating" because after the kokuhaku you two have officially started being exclusive.


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