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Filipino girls on webcam cyber chatting

The shop was not really profitable, the staff was in charge and it turned out to be too expensive.

Apart from that part of the revenue disappeard in the pockets of the staff.

He blamed me that I was going out with other men, that my book keeping wasn’t correct and that I stole money.

Before we went back home he asked for my address and telephonenumber. Two days later he called me and told me that he missed me so much, he was sick because of it. I stayed in the same hotel as before and he was there as well. I fell in love, it was a beautiful holiday and he made me feel like a real woman. This gave me the impression that he was honest and really loved me.

We agreed, that when I would come the next time, we would go visit his parents in Luxor.

Every day the same scenario and the customers could enjoy the spectacle.

From the moment I started working in the shop, he claimed a percentage of the daily revenue.


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