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If the screen cannot be scrolled to center on a cell (e.g., you can't center on C5 because there are not enough rows above row 5 or columns to the left of column C to fill out the screen), it comes as close as possible.

For example, you can call the procedure to put cell S50 at the center of the screen. Goto method, which puts the specified cell at the upper left corner of the screen, this procedure will put the specified cell in the center.

Okay, first I should mention that I'm a complete amateur when it comes to excel.

Screen Updating = False ' ' Put the upper left cell of the range in the top-left of the screen. Goto Zoom This Range(1, 1), True With Zoom This Range If Preserve Rows = True Then . And in the popping up prompt box, click the OK button. Now all rows with the zero values exist in the specified column range are selected.Please right click to any selected row, then click Delete in the right-clicking menu.I have experience with creating macros that reference different workbooks, but not sure how to go about opening files with different filenames (without referencing the exact filename). Screen Updating = True End Sub I haven't tried this on the set of files I will be using it for yet, but wanted to make sure the "Update Links" prompt would not affect this? I'd like to be able to have basic code for opening, saving and closing, opening next file, saving and closing, etc. I'd like to update links in each file when they open... Display Alerts = False work for links that cannot be updated? I thought maybe the file size but that is not the case. I'd really like for it do open in alphabetical order. Select End With End Sub This procedure will allow you to center the screen on a specific cell. Activate ' ' Get the number of visible rows and columns for the active window. The GOTO method will ' place that cell reference in the upper left corner of the screen, ' so that reference needs to be Vis Rows/2 above and Vis Cols/2 columns ' to the left of the cell we want to center on.On suppose que la feuille est préalablement triée sur cette colonne et qu'il n'y a pas de cellule vide dans la colonne A. Appliquez un filtre automatique dans la feuille et affichez les données contenant la donnée "Multiple".Copiez les cellules visibles (les doublons) dans une autre feuille.


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