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Westel was the most popular cellphone network in Hungary at the time.The company was called T-Mobile Hungary, but after some financial decisions, as with the other T- companies, it formed to Magyar Telekom Nyrt.The GSM 900 MHz frequency band was referred to as the "D-Netz", and Telekom named its service D1; the private consortium awarded the second license (now Vodafone Germany) chose the name D2. KG holding company was founded (later renamed to T-Mobile International AG).In 2002, as DT consolidated its international operations, it anglicized the T-Mobil name to T-Mobile.

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On July 1, 1989, West Germany reorganized Deutsche Bundespost On July 1, 1992, it began to operate Germany's first GSM network, along with the C-Netz, as its De Te Mobil subsidiary.

In 2009 T-Mobile International AG was merged into Deutsche Telekom AG. Since it was bought by T-Mobile in 2006, it is no longer a legally independent company.

Until 2000, T-Mobile was a shareholder of the former max.mobil. In April 2001, it acquired one hundred percent and subsequently introduced the T-Mobile brand in Austria by rebranding max.mobil. In 2005, it acquired former competitor from Western Wireless International. is administratively independent and now acts primarily as a discount-offer, similar to Yesss and Bo B of A1.

T-Mobile (stylised as ·T···Mobile·) is the brand name used by the mobile communications subsidiaries of the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom AG.

The brand is active in Austria (under the subsidiary T-Mobile Austria), the Czech Republic (T-Mobile Czech Republic), the Netherlands (T-Mobile Nederland), Poland (T-Mobile Polska), and the United States (T-Mobile US).


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