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Dating in the middle east

These were M11/39 tanks with the 47 mm gun mounted in the hull and more modern M13/40 tanks with 47 mm gun in the turret.The prominent kangaroo markings, part of the divisional sign, were applied to the Italian tanks in order to identify the vehicles to their own troops.

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The problem with this familiar stereotype is that it doesn't go far enough.

There is also a reference in a French inventory of 1297 to a ship captain in Marseilles owning a courtepointe or quilt.

Quilted clothing and armor began to appear in the 14th century, much of it made by armorers' guilds in Italy.

Silk Quilt in the Late Renaissance Style Thanks to Lisa Evans for permission to use the above pictures of the Renaissance reproduction quilt she made.

Lisa is involved in Renaissance reenactment as Sarah Davies.


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