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Maple Grove Mac Rae and Adamson point out in The Ancestral Roof that the double swag and pendants of husk molding found on the entrance door, here protected fro the winter, are taken directly from Pompeii, probably through pattern books.

This motif was being used liberally in Vermont architecture of the same period, particularly around the Windsor area.

Canada, and particularly Upper Canada, was founded by those Loyalists who headed north.

By 1820 there were 681,000 people living in British North America and 150,00 of whom livied in Upper Canada. During these 40 years, the original hardy Americans had been augmented by several waves of disenchanted English, Scottish and Irish, many of whom were craftsmen and masons.

In the mid-18th century, the old city of Halifax was constructed largely with prefabricated houses shipped up from Boston.

Maple Grove 1787 - 1820 This house currently in safe keeping in Upper Canada Village is an excellent example of Loyalist style.

Timber frame houses with clapboard exterior finishing, like this one, were generally all white, or either cane-yellow or stone blue with white trim.

Wattle and daub insulation could probably be found behind the siding.

In 1776, two and a half million people along the eastern coast of what is now the United States, defied what was then the most powerful empire in the world by declaring independence.

Like most empires, Britain had the most effective military of its time and the most affluent common market.


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