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Are taylor swift and taylor lautner dating 2016

He also thinks he's waaaaay sexier than he really is.I mean, his body is okay, but he's flaunting it like he's Chris Evans or Ryan Reynolds.

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My mother, and her cohorts, are old and white, and love her and wouldn't care one bit if she came out. R148 - I used to be a really big fan of JGL, but he's just so horribly annoying and full of himself these days that I actually cringe whenever I see him now.

He's probably intimidated by out celebrities and the stress of being a gay icon. Someone here got good head from him (it was mentioned in one of the slept with a celeb threads). Harry should get some kind of cosmic blessing for managing to stay standing, in the face of alarming spite from people who 'support' him. He gave up pretending he and Jaime Bochert were a couple after his relationship with JGL became public knowledge and he's already done the 'everyone is bisexual' hedging.

He can't possibly think that his career depends on his heterosexuality when he mostly does indie stuff nowadays.[quote]Lee Pace, If he comes out, Matt Bomer still can't have his career. Ben Savage seems really nice, I can't believe he's somehow involved in that Bryan Singer/DAM scandal.. Bored, cynical and lonely teens/young adults may need something to fixate and project on, but man, this kid need not be the End-all. R149, it's true that the apparent lack of understanding is not genuine.

His uncle, a playwright, was friends with Sabella, and arranged for Ben to move to CA and stay with Ernie. Thank you all for keeping this thread moving while I've been away. As for Chandler 6 years living in LA no girlfriend or reference to one pings GAY GAY GAY that should have been obvious when he took mommy to the Emmys OMG !!

Sabella was (and still is) married so I don't think it was anything other than Sabella helping out his friend's nephew. He never had a gf, 90% of people who comment on his pics are gay , he tells a gay man that he misses him very much..nothing suggests that he is straight. This is like 4th or 5th time I brought up that Matt Targett and Hugh Jackman issue and no one seems to discussing about it except for 1 or 2 replies which I suppose are from Matt himself.


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